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Life ​Credit Instructions

Take an exam to prove competency in a subject

   State your Five-Fold Ministry work or life experience for our Certificate Degree credits. If you are pursuing your certificate degree, after you have had some experience working, in the church, such as a pastor, field worker, missionary, elder of the church, deacon ministry, etc, or in life, and your individual knowledge have some gaps, don't worry we can assist you. You might not be able to pass an exam in a subject, yet you perhaps know half of the material that would be covered in a Five-Fold Ministry course. You will not be able to move from one certificate degree program until you prove that you have taken the equivalent courses of each program. (Your Dean will explain further.)  In an essay e or you may choose to interview online, about your of personalized learning, also called Five-Fold Ministry Competency-based education, which can allow you to accelerate your courses by testing out of different sections or units of the course that you already know, while also filling in the gaps in your knowledge. .

Gather a portfolio to document your experience in Ministry

Some people express themselves better in written form, via papers and essays, than they do on multiple-choice tests. If this sounds like you, consider earning credits for experience by putting together a written academic and ministry portfolio.

You might be a good candidate for ARIZE for work experience through the academic portfolio process if:

  1. Challenge exams make you uneasy.
  2. You enjoy writing papers and reports.
  3. What you know represents applied knowledge, rather than textbook theory.
  4. You have products—such as artwork, certificates, business plans, articles, software, videos or written reports—which attest to your competency in selected subject areas.

     ARIZE review often requires learners to enroll in a course to learn how to put together an academic portfolio. Your work experience, volunteer experience, and life experience can be organized and presented so you get the credit you deserve.

Professional Ministry licenses and credentials

ARIZE expects all potential candidates for the study in the Five-Fold Ministry to either:

  1.  Present a copy of your Ministry licenses
  2. Letter of recommendation to study the Five-Fold Ministry.
  3. Provide three letters of recommendation from those lay people who have known you for more than 3 years. 

What ARIZE allows for credit substitution

     Each program has different limits on how many credits they will allow to be “transferred” or credited towards your certificate degree. ARIZE allows as few as 12 credits, yet has programs for certificate degree completion that will allow you to apply transfer similar credits of different types substituting for almost all of your courses when reviewing the details of the courses that you present to substitute. Each program and each method of prior learning assessment has different steps. You must meet with the Dean of your specific school of thought before any credits from another school are accepted.


Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry