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Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry and Bible College


Our Mission is 

to provide spiritual oversight to individuals, students, para churches, ministries, and churches throughout the United States and internationally. 

Our mission is also because we believe that the Bible is the Word of God, fully inspired and without error in the original manuscripts, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct, agree in our endeavors to teach, preach, instruct, motivate, inspire each that enter our biblical institute of higher biblical learning will and do commit to doing all within our powers to perform those items mentioned above throughout the student’s education.

In addition to the above, we provide through the Holy Spirit a sound foundation of the Word of God.

It is also our mission to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God for daily application and to assist in developing a godly mindset to sustain everyone that we come in contact with giving them the motivation to search the Scriptures for themselves for a prosperous lifestyle.

 It is our mission to provide knowledge of the Five-Fold Ministry, according to Ephesians 4:11-16, and how when planted properly brings unity and oneness, and a body of Believers, dedicated and committed to building an atmosphere of praise and worship to God our Father.

It is also our position at ARIZE Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry and Bible College to provide theological education of the Five-Fold Ministry and biblical courses reflected from the Holy Bible to prepare those that have been called by Christ as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor & teacher for service in churches, Christian ministries, and the community. The institution’s educational programs are intended to increase the student’s level of knowledge, as well as remain committed to maintaining its diverse student body, faculty, and staff.

The institution expresses its commitment to the student’s overall development by promoting life-long learning, scholarly inquiry, and a commitment to service to others. Programs and services are geared towards promoting and nurturing students’ growth and development as persons who appreciate cultural diversity and embody a sense of civic, social, and religious responsibility.

ARIZE will follow an open-door admission policy based on the necessity of responding to each person at the appropriate individual level of ability and development.

ARIZE Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry is an interdenominational, interracial, and gender-inclusive community modeled on diversity, which constitutes the Body of Christ. The educational and service programs provide theological education and training to a constituency of mature, bi-vocational, and commuting students. These services are intended to enhance the student’s skills, and expand the student’s awareness, as well as broaden the student’s perspective quality of life.

It is part of our mission to provide a curriculum that is designed and implemented to prepare the clergy and laity for various ministries in Biblical studies, theology, general biblical education, and individualizing the roles of the Five-Fold Ministry examples found in the Holy Bible.

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