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Tuition and Fees


$250 per semester hour 

$125 for Course Audit fee

$150 for Math or English Lab fee

$50 per semester Tech and Library Fee


Financial responsibility is an important part of spiritual growth and maturity. All students will be billed for the entire semester at the beginning of each semester. Students will not receive updates or reminders to pay tuition. Each student is responsible for checking their tuition status.








Tuition per Credit Hour.......................... $250.00

Audit per Credit Hour .......................... $125.00


Arize Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry and Bible College refunds tuition according to the following withdrawal schedule:


  • 100% Week 1 Days 1-3

  • 75% Week 2 Days 4-6

  • 50% Week 3 Days 7-9

  • 25% Week 4 Days 10-12

  • Week 5 Days 13-21 -  None


Fees and other charges are non-refundable.


For a limited time Arize Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry and Bible College will allow a student to select a course independently - (as long as the course is being taught during a semester) Check with the Institution for directions on such. (919) 304-0725

Arize Institute of the Five Fold Ministry and Bible College
Spiritual Growth
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