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Core Values

We value the authority of Scripture. We believe that the truth is absolute and that it is recorded in the Holy Scriptures. The sixty-six books of the Holy Bible are our authority. We teach and apply the Scripture in the Holy Bible and use them in our lives as individuals and complete values as an institution. The authority of Scripture is our initial value.

It is what we trust for guidance and guidance of our students, affiliates, and faculty. 

We value Jesus Christ as the Supreme Being because Jesus is the Lord of the Universe and our Savior. We are committed to knowing, worshiping, and following Him, who is our resurrected King and we are equally committed to the supremacy of His purpose to disciple the world using His tools and individuals (those who are appointed by Him) as seen in Ephesians 4:11-16. Additionally, our curriculum, policies, and programs of study reflect the predominance of Jesus Christ.

We value educational integrity, and because we value that we are committed to the authority of Scripture, all of which is to glorify Christ.

 Although our degree programs are administered through a degree self-study curriculum book, all degree presentations are overseen by a facilitator(s) which includes our behavior, curriculum, organization, and administration reflecting an ongoing pursuit of academic integrity and institutional improvement.

We value multi-ethnicity. No race is treated differently because all of mankind according to Scripture is made in God’s image. Because this is so, we serve a multi-ethnic community as a Bible college in Mebane, North Carolina, and prayerfully this community will grow, reach further, and move towards a culture of God-fearing believers that seek to experience through biblical education and biblical training the glory of sharing the "Good News" to others. 

The Faculty, administration, and curriculum reflect our mutual commitments to Biblical integrity and multi-ethnicity.

The men and women who serve ARIZE Institute of the Five-Fold Ministry and Bible College are proven in the crucible of ministry. Our degrees combine both the theory and the practical reality of service so that graduates can effectively disciple others.

We value dependence on God through prayer and supplication. Our consistency in our prayers expresses our dependency upon God and a belief that God responds to prayer and answers our needs in His timing. In our efforts to serve God, we choose also to depend upon Him to bring about change in us and for us as we pray.

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